What clients say about us

M.S.M. Group has been my exclusive choice for assisting me with skilled and general labor needs. I have used their services to augment my staff numerous times. I have always had quality interviews with qualified personnel which enabled me to meet my deadlines for bringing on additional staff.

I have had a close working relationship with M.S.M. Group and would recommend other companies in need of skilled and general staffing seek out their services.

Manufacturing Industry

I am very pleased to write a character reference for M.S.M. Group.

I have worked very closely with M.S.M. Group for two years. During that time I have always been amazed at the level of enthusiasm their workers bring to my work place. Two years ago, they came to our Company and, introduced themselves and, their staff. They have since maintained a high level of professionalism.

Here’s an example. When a worker called in sick, they quickly sent in a replacement that was able to complete the tasks given without interruption to our schedule.

This is a company that is committed to your needs and will ensure that you are satisfied. They are very delightful to work with and we will continue to work with them in the years to come.

I would certainly recommend M.S.M. Group where enthusiasm, hard work and trustworthiness are valued.

Manufacturing Industry

Recently I had the opportunity to use the services of M.S.M. Group for our recruitment needs.

When several positions became available, we contacted M.S.M. Group and immediately set up an appointment to meet personally to collect the information required for these positions.
The next day we received several C.V.’s of qualified candidates.

In a short period of time we were able to successfully hire skilled trades’ personnel.

I was very impressed with the professionalism and sense of urgency M.S.M. Group gave to our requirements, was very capable, knowledgeable and understanding of the automotive industry.

I would not hesitate to recommend M.S.M. Group to any company that has recruitment needs.

Automotive Industry

I continue to appreciate the great service and staff of M.S.M. Group, they have been consistent in providing competent, reliable staff.

I recommend this agency to any business in need of temporary to full-time/permanent staff.

Construction Industry