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Important Facts Related to The Top Job Agency Toronto

Posted by | October 26, 2017 | Blog about how to find a jobs in Toronto

Important Facts Related to The Top Job Agency Toronto

Recruitment agencies or staffing companies are known to provide jobs to hundreds of candidates. It is no wonder therefore that people, usually fresher’s flock to register themselves with superior agencies after finding innumerable posting by them on job boards. Unfortunately, the truth is slightly different. The agencies try to find the right employee for their clients, not the other way round. So, by inviting candidates to apply for a particular job they are getting hold of unlimited CVs from eager individuals, all aspiring to fill the vacancies advertised on the boards.

Sure, you can start applying for jobs right, left and center without restraint though. Unfortunately, it would not help you to fulfill your objectives. The companies looking for a good match to fill their vacancies are not impressed to find their inbox overflowing with resumes that do not include the qualification required. The CVs end up in the trash folder therefore and the companies try to save their valuable time by choosing to hire a good job agency Toronto for their purpose.

Status of the recruitment agency

The job agencies are caught in the middle and try to bring the candidate to the company that is on a look out for a qualified individual, fit to be hired as an employee. The responsibility of the agency is not in any way less than that of the company as they are the one who source the resumes from various platforms and go through each of them carefully in order to shortlist a few for the coveted position.

Having the right qualification along with the experience is not enough though. The agency generally keeps the candidate informed about the work culture of the concerned company and fills him in with other details including the number of hours and the salary expected for the position.

The top job agency Toronto will not shy away from doing a thorough background check for the most eligible candidates either so that the company does not have any complaints afterwards.

The initial interview is also conducted by the agency so the candidate gets to be familiarized with the mode of questioning that the recruiting authority of the company is sure to pursue. The weak points are identified in the process and the candidate is tutored closely about the do’s and don’ts before he / she is send to attend the final interview with the company head.


  • The job agencies are usually tight lipped about their sources and do not want to reveal the secret to the company. Sure, they advertise extensively but seldom disclose the name of the company lest the candidate tries to get in touch with the company directly by bypassing the job agency Toronto.
  • However, the right candidate may be found by going through their own extensive database as well. It would definitely help you to add the positions that you are interested in within your CV so that your resume would be returned when the entire database is searched via keywords.


  • The job agency Toronto is handling a service for the company by finding the right candidates to be hired as employees. No service is gratis and warrants a form of payment. However, the agencies often charge the company a percentage of the annual salary that the new recruit is offered. The agencies also take care to refund the amount should the employee leave within the probation period or provide the company with a replacement.
  • The candidates are considered to be assets of the agencies and are not usually charged. It is best to steer clear of the placement agencies that extract a joining fee from the candidate though as it is likely to be a part of a scam.

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