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What improves the productivity of a company? The answer is a team consisting of right employees working under the guidance of the right employer. Our placement and recruitment services are aimed at providing the prefect match for a particular job role to our client organization. A company can run smoothly and garner profits only when the work ethic improves resulting in increased productivity. We find suitable matches for a given position in our client organization.

Comprehensive Screening Process

Team Global / MSM conducts a comprehensive screening process to find out the prefect match for a specific job role. This ensures that the right candidate will be appointed to fill the gap. The screening process entails personal interview, background check and skill tests. Through these methods we gain a better understanding of the candidates we recruit before referring him/her for a particular position.

Types of Positions

Team Global / MSM provides complete staffing solutions for full-time, part-time, contract and temporary positions openings in various industries. The openings we specialize in include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Java Developer
  • Database Design
  • Web Developer
  • C++ Programer
  • IOS Developer
  • Desktop Support
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering

We contribute quality time to understand and analyze the different challenges faced by your company and therefore we are equipped with effective strategies to enhance better operation at all levels of your organization.

Focused Industries

Our core competency as one of the leading placement agencies Toronto lie in the verticals of information technology, accounting, transportation, industrial construction, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing and engineering. With greater experience and knowledge of the various placement positions in these industries we are capable of finding the best candidate for a particular job role.

How We Function

  1. We receive placement request from your company
  2. Team Global / M.S.M. looks up the existing database to find suitable matches and also conducts additional recruitment if necessary in order to find the right candidate.
  3. Hired employees are handed a detailed document outlining the job role, daily hours for work schedule, responsibilities and other relevant information.
  4. We verify whether all the hired employees have turned up on the first day of work and in case anybody is missing, we arrange for quick replacements.
  5. We do regular follow ups to ensure the placement is a success.

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