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How Do Temp Agencies Toronto Work?

Posted by | November 6, 2017 | Blog about how to find a jobs in Toronto

How Do Temp Agencies Toronto Work

Finding your dream job is always important. However, it is not always possible to obtain a position that happens to interest you greatly. No worries! You do need to make a start somewhere. Going through multiple job boards as well as online job portals is sure to keep you occupied for long hours when you are obsessed with getting a job as a fresher. Remember, that you will come across postings made by various recruitment agencies instead of a company that is looking to fill its vacancy.

This is no reason to despair though. Submitting your application via the temp agencies Toronto will not have your resume disqualified. Nor will you find it impossible to get an interview call from a prospective employer. Sure, there are multiple questions on your mind when you think of a temp staffing agency. Relax! The options are not all bad and you can definitely succeed by reaching the employers with the aid of a quality temp agency in your area.

It is time you get apprised of the facts though. Check out the common facts that every candidate has needs to know about the entire process of recruitment when you have a temp agency acting on your behalf.

  • Advantages of temp agencies Toronto- The candidates are usually placed within a short time and learn to function effectively while on the job. This is certainly the best way to make a beginning. The employers, on the other hand, do not have to interrupt the continuity of their operations while the permanent staff is away on a vacation. The new entrant is sure to be absorbed as a permanent employee if he proves to be a good fit making it a win-win situation for all concerned.
  • Applying with a temp agency – Do not hesitate to visit the office of an agency and apply in person if you want to get an opportunity without delay. Alternatively, you can also apply online and submit your updated resume so that the agency staff can screen you and match your candidature with the available jobs. You are likely to be placed with a number of companies in quick succession since you will only be taken on a temporary basis. The experience will prove to be invaluable for you in obtaining more secure jobs in future.
  • First Interview– Do not have huge expectations when you go in for the first interview with the agency. Do dress formally and carry your updated CV with you. However, the agency is sure to have the facility of creating a resume for you so that you can be considered for a job with a company. Do not fail to provide the agency with all your details though and make sure to include at least a couple of references in the application form. The agencies are usually fastidious about conducting background checks and will only recommend you to a company if your background does not contain anything undesirable.
  • Schedule– The schedule that you have to follow when being represented by the temp agencies Toronto is hectic to say the least. The agency staff will have no qualms in calling you at odd hours and ask you to be available for an interview within hours. Do not deter to spell out your preferences clearly and state if you are going to be unavailable for night shifts or on weekends.
  • Payment – The new employee placed by a temp agency remains in the payroll of the agency instead of the company. The agency charge the company for a pre determined number of hours and pay the employees after deducting a commission from the amount. The taxes will also be collected from the employees pay once he starts working on a temp basis. It is better to understand the reason behind the eagerness that the agencies show in placing you ASAP. However, all the conditions are mentioned clearly in the contract that they have with the companies and the process happens to be tried and tested one where everyone including the agency benefits greatly.

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