Things to Consider Before Hiring a Temp Agency Toronto

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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Temp Agency Toronto

Being a business owner or the recruitment manager of a company is definitely onerous. While you are free to find out the right employees yourself by employing all possible procedures. The outcome will be less than satisfactory as you would not have the required resources. Also there may be some jobs that only require the assistance of employees for a limited period of time. Trying to search for temporary employees is even more difficult as most of the candidates do not make use of the noted job portals or post their resumes online.

There is a tried and tested solution for getting your work done easily and effectively though. All you need to do is get in touch with the best temp agency Toronto and apprise them of your requirements. The skilled professionals would make use of their extensive network and provide you with the right employees. True, they will charge you but your time and associated costs are curtailed in the process thus making it the proper avenue to take when burdened with hiring needs.

Sure, you have to tread with caution while handing over the responsibility to a placement agency. Here are a few tips to help you out as you search for a tested agency that can help you to recruit successfully especially when it involves temporary personnel.


While the temp agency Toronto is sure to check the skills and experience of the employees that they hire on your behalf, do not fail to ask them about the screening procedure. You would surely not want an employee temporary or otherwise who is on drugs. Worse, hiring one with a police record or one prone to violence may affect the mood of other workers in your company. So, do insist on meticulous screening of temp employees when you sign the agreement.


The temp workforce can be paid weekly or monthly as you deem fit. However, there may be some who would like to be retained on a daily basis as well. You do not have to bother with the payment as the temp agency Toronto will pay them as per the terms of your agreement. However, the money you hand over to the agency is likely to vary sharply. It makes sense to check the rates of a few well known agencies and then engage the one that offers you cost effective services.


It is indeed a hassle to keep looking for temporary workers year after year. Very often you may find the same workers accepting the job. They are sure to understand your company’s culture after working with you for consecutively for many years. Do not waste time in hiring him/her again and again if the person fits the bill completely. Instead, upgrade his status to that of a permanent employee! This will help you to avoid hiring the same temp agency Toronto again and again. Sign a fresh agreement with them for retaining a permanent employee and reap the benefits.

Relationship Building

Never fail to develop a close relationship with your chosen agency though. Having a good rapport with your temp agency Toronto can help you to save unnecessary trouble when hiring temp workers. You can rely on them to provide you with the best manpower possible. It would also be advantageous to engage one particular agency when you have repeat requirements for the same position year after year. Do spare a moment to discuss the pros and cons of each candidate with the agency head and treat them accordingly. You are bound to find your productivity go up once all your employees whether temp or permanent remain satisfied with their jobs.

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